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KÖNIG METALL as an employer

Additionaly we welcome everybody who wants to give his all and become part of our team - beyond the current job openings. In only two years KM Kovnica d.o.o. has grown from 11 to 230 full-time employees. Join our team today and grow with us! We are always looking for awesome people who are committed to their work – and unafraid of new challenges. In only two years KM Alati d.o.o. has grown from 50 to 70 full-time employees.

A team with spirit

Each and every one of our 320 employees is helping us in shaping the future of KÖNIG METALL Croatia. Their training and wellbeing is paramount. Today we’re Croatia’s biggest metal company. And we are still growing. Working for us doesn’t mean working just anywhere; KÖNIG METALL has been synonymous with innovative, custom metal solutions that have been setting standards across a variety of sectors and areas of application since 1901.

We know better than anyone who we have to thank for our leading position on the international market: our staff are constantly exploring new ways to respond to our customers’ requirements.

Everybody has a talent. We’ll be happy to hear from you!

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