Building tools for big players

At KM Alati we specialise in the development, design and manufacturing of sheet metal tools and die casting moulds. Most of our customers need highly complex tools, moulds and services – e.g. the automotive industry.

We performs machining, 3D measuring and heat treatments. We also produce jigs, fixtures and tailor-made products.

Toolmaking from devlopment via design to serial production

Our products include sheet metal tools, e.g. complex transfer tools for serial production. Furthermore we provide mechanical processing and heat treatment. Servicing of tools is also part of our daily business, both for KM Kovnica and for external clients.

Some of our partners


We are hiring!

In only two years KM Alati has grown from 50 to 70 full-time employees. Join our team today and grow with us! We are always looking for awesome people who are committed to their work – and unafraid of new challenges.